The Millsted family has over 40 years experience in the care sector. As a long standing and highly respected person-centred organisation, we fully appreciate the training needs of staff and the importance of a competent, skilled workforce in meeting CQC requirements.

With this in mind, Millsted Care offers a high-quality, up-to-date and broad range of training programs, which are accessible to anybody who works with adults with a learning disability.

courses available

Emergency First Aid at Work Training on Wednesday 27th June, 9.30- 4.30pm at Dayspace Reigate.

Spaces available for £75pp.

The content of this course provides basic adult life saving first aid and workplace health and safety regulations, including: The role of the first aider, managing an emergency, communication and casualty care, health and safety (first aid) regulations,  bleeding,  burns, seizures, resuscitation, shock, unresponsive casualty choking, defibrillator prompts and how to respond and defibrillator pad  placement.

Attendants will need to bring their own lunch, but tea and coffee is provided.

To book a place, please email

Challenging Behaviour & Communicating with people with a Learning Disability

Often run together on a day course, this training draws on knowledge and experience from over forty years of working with adults with a learning disability – many of whom may present challenging behaviour. Communication is a key skill in the field of adult social care and this training is interactive and relevant to anyone working in this area.

Relationships, Sexuality and Sexual Health

This ground-breaking training session looks at relationships, and specifically sexual relationships, between adults with learning disabilities. Millsted Care has significant experience in this area, specifically around enabling two service users to get married four years ago. Chris Millsted also draws on her experience as a qualified relationship counsellor. 

Social Media Awareness

Social media is becoming an increasingly important forum for communication and shaping our culture. This training session explains why social media is an essential feature of business growth, and why it is important to develop an understanding of how to use social media with regards to employment law. 

LD and the Elderly

Dayspace runs several very successful sessions aimed at those of a retirement age and can draw on the benefits of our learning in these sessions to provide a well informed and interactive training session. This session will also touch on dementia awareness, which our staff are frequently trained in, so that we can observe any changes in the service users that attend our sessions. 

Learning Disabilities and Mental Health

Occasionally run on the same day as the Challenging Behaviour training, this session will focus on adults who may have a dual diagnosis of both a learning disability and mental health condition – and will specifically look at the effect this can have on their lives. This is an exceptional training session, with lots of interactivity, led by our extremely experienced MD, Chris Millsted. 

Person-centred Care & Healthcare for Learning Disabilities

All of our training runs concurrently with the learning disabilities core training standards framework, which also meets several requirements of the Care Certificate. Person-centred care is essential in making sure that individual needs are met, and that skills development is a priority. This brief training will go through how person-centred plans are created, how we can meet the needs of service users in an individual and significant way, and will briefly run through the notion of a key working role. 

Wellbeing and Independence

Adults with learning disabilities are entitled to live a full and fulfilling life, as independently as possible. This training will talk through strategies in which this can occur, and how we can equip adults with learning disabilities to make independent choices. Often, this training will be run at the same time as Person-Centred Care. 

Supporting Young People with LD and their families

From Dayspace we are in a great position to work directly with many young people with learning disabilities and their families. This training session draws upon our direct experience, specifically of working with young adults transitioning from the family home to an external care provider and the challenges that this can present. It will also focus on how to support families of individuals with a learning disability who may have facilitated care in their own homes. 

Research Based Practice

This training session will look at the many areas of research which have impacted the field of adult social care as a whole, as well as specifically to learning disabilities. It will also consider the history of the learning disabilities community, particularly in the long-stay hospitals around this area. 

Equality & Diversity, Law, Ethics and Safeguarding

This training session will look at the importance of the law in bringing in the equality and diversity act, both from an employment perspective and also its impact on the learning disabilities community. It will also discuss the essentiality of safeguarding and how this can be protected when working with adults with learning disabilities. 


Who is the training available for?

Millsted Care’s training package is available to anybody who works with adults with a learning disability – regardless of whether they work for Millsted Care or not.

How do I book?

Please email us using the form below stating which course you are interested in, or call Hannah on 01883 349553 for more details.

How much does the training cost?

Costs vary from course to course, please email us using the form below or call Hannah on 01883 349553 for more details.

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